April 29, 2008

First of many (I hope)

This is my first post. I tried this once before and it didn't work out too well. Not enough time and too much negative stuff going on that it was a venting zone rather than a compilation of the good and the bad and the weird. I have been contemplating starting up a blog again for a while now, because Joe and I seem to always find fun and interesting things to do here in Austin. I want to share them with anyone out there that wants to listen. Besides our adventures, which usually involve food, festivals or bars, I will probably include recipes (I love to cook), stuff about my green thumb and what is blooming or growing on my porch, and updates on Gypsy, the other being that shares our apartment space. See below.


Although this blog reflects the activities in all three of our lives, Emily (me) will be the primary author. Joe kept a livejournal for the entirety of his college life, so maybe he will want to contribute occasionally. I look forward to this new addition to my daily routine and I welcome any comments, suggestions or opinions.

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