June 7, 2008

Technologically advanced

Last week Joe got ants in his pants to go to Best Buy (a dangerous place for someone with money to spend). We wandered through music and we were a little surprised at how expensive some old CDs still were, like Robert Earl Keen's "Farm Fresh Onions" - $15?! Still?! We then passed through video games looking for the Wii Fit, which I have an interest in) and then SLOWLY passed through the tempting and very colorful LCD flat screen TVS. Finally we walked into the sound system, home stereo, home theatre, whatever you want to call it area. Needless to say, we walked out with a Samsung system that included a DVD player and five speakers. Two trips out for various wires and chords, and several hours later, Joe was immersed in Xbox 360 Call of Duty 4 surround sound heaven.

However amazing the surround sound is for his video games, he could not get over the fact that his 1980-era TV just wouldn't work with the system. So, today we went to Best Buy and with the help of a Best Buy credit card, Joe made a well-thought out decision to get a Samsung 32" LCD TV. He loves it, I like it and it's pretty awesome to watch TV with surround sound. Which I am doing right now as I type this.

The only thing that would make it better is a nicer apartment with a better layout for the speakers. Their placements in the room are a little wonky.

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