May 18, 2008

Balcony Garden

The heat and the sun are doing wonders for the plants on the porch. I have some blooms consistently popping out on some plants, a few new blooms and some plants that I am actively watching and waiting for blooms.

Heartleaf Ice Plant
"Heartleaf Ice Plant"

Sedum "Gold Mound"
"Sedum Gold Mound" - hey mom, look I found out what it is!

My long-living "Geranium" - very good bloomer this season!

"Adenium" - not quite as lovely as my mom's, but it will get there :)

This is an unidentified succulent that I picked a piece off of a plant near Auditorium Shores. It already has a bloom popping out!

And, although this doesn't have any blooms, I'm so excited that it is finally growing back some leaves after the move. This is a "Triangle Ficus" or Joe's nickname "Super Mario Plant"

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Lucy said...

I love your balcony garden!