May 3, 2008

it runs in the family

We're about to head out on an adventure.

Our little hot pocket (a new addition to the nickname list for Gypsy) went to stay with Amanda while Joe and I attend a family reunion. I have never before met, conversed or laid eyes on anyone on Joe's dad's side of the family. Today will be full of meet and greets and "OH, you're John's son!" since Joe says he has never met more than half of these people either.

We do know that there will be a lot of barbeque (yum!), canoes and other activities, and - this is the best part - two bunk rooms (one for the women and one for the men). At least I will know Joe's mom.... but who knows who I may be sleeping next to. :)

I'll let Joe post when we come home so you can get his unique perspective. I'll also try to document this with some pictures. Although, I'm not the best at taking pictures of people I don't know.

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