May 28, 2008


I'm always looking for ways to decorate and I prefer to do it myself ("DIM"). I have been reading DIY blogs recently and found one of today's projects at Design*Sponge. I started out with IKEA's Dalom Pedestal Table and added a bunch of patterned paper circles. It came out really well!

DIY IKEA table DIY IKEA table

My other project today involved painting and upholstering two barstools that have seen better days. They were originally in Joe's mom's kitchen and were handed down when he moved to College Station. After a sitting in the rain and mud at one his parties they were never the same.

Here's the before and after, respectively.

DIY barstool DIY IKEA table

I haven't finished covering one of the stool seats since the glue gun sticks that I bought today are too large for my glue gun. :( Oh well, I'll finish tomorrow.

Joe's only comment about these was that they look military. Thanks babe!


Dara & Doug said...

maybe I need to get you to come over one day and help me mosaic my patio table. :-)

Karen said...

Way to go, I can't wait to see what you make-over next! The table looks great and I like the color on the bar stool!:0)