May 16, 2008

Green Belting in Austin

After work today, Joe and I relaxed at the Barton Creek Upper North Greenbelt. We were supposed to meet some of Joe's co-workers, but as usual, it ended up being us two and the pooch.

We first learned of this area right after we moved to Austin, when a girl we met on 6th told us about it. She suggested we go to Twin Falls to really involve ourselves in true Austin culture. We went out in January to hike around a dry, but beautiful, wilderness trail. Now that we have had several downpours, the creek bed is flowing nicely and there are two waterfall areas that actually tumble with water - Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls. I have yet to see the latter, but Joe went a few weeks ago.

The weather was beautiful today and we found a small nook that was off the beaten path, somewhat. We trekked past Twin Falls and the party nest of people and dogs. Instead of being next to the large pool of water, we settled on big rocks along a little feeder creek. People passed by on the trail with bikes and dogs occasionally, but otherwise we were secluded. Two women stopped by to take some pictures of our view and deemed us lucky, because we "had the best view." We agreed.

Joe Green Belt

Austin Green Belt

Emily Green Belt

Joe Gypsy Green Belt

Gypsy even ventured into the water a little, after I made her. When you set her on wet pebbles in the middle of the creek she has to get out somehow. Once she jumped around a little bit she was ready to run - as usual. The video doesn't seem to want to embed, so I will post it seperate.

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